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Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin – Ultimate Vegan Food Guide

You should be excited as this is what I call the ultimate vegan food guide for Berlin! Oh my, I knew Berlin was going to have a lot of vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants, but never did I expect this city to be a literal vegan food heaven. I stayed for a week, but trust me, a week wasn’t enough.

I tried to visit the most popular ones, as well as some places friends suggested to me.

These are my Top 8 Vegan Restaurants in Berlin:

  1. Attila Hildmann

Okay I don’t even know where to start. When I saw the Vegan Döner Kebab on the menu, I got way too excited. I really thought I’d never be able to eat Döner again, as they are huge in Germany and I used to eat them a lot before I went vegan.

Vegan Döner Kebab at Attila Hildmann in Berlin

Honestly, this meal exceeded my expectations. The imitation of the kebab meat was super well done, and I am sure non-vegans wouldn’t have tasted a difference. The texture and taste was on point! Plus the sauce was super tasty, and even the fries were really good, a little greasy, but very good.

If you are on a diet, then this place is not for you. But if you want to taste something out of this world, then you can not miss this place!

We also ordered Daisho, which is an organic energy drink. The taste was great, but a little too pricy in my opinion.

As a dessert we had soft ice-cream, which was, again, vegan heaven right there. I was happy, and so was my heart and belly.

Atmosphere: Reminds me a bit of a small fast food restaurant. It’s literally a place to stop by and have a good meal.

Service: self service, but very friendly and willing to explain any questions you might have.

Find out more about Attila here


2. Brammibal’s Donuts

So, I always tell people that I have a second stomach for desserts. And when I found out that Berlin has an all vegan donut place, I was over the top excited. And with good reason.

Vegan Donut at Brammibals Donuts in BerlinThis place offers 13 different donuts flavours, for a reasonable price! I have tried the Chocolate Peanut Fudge, Cinnamon Sugar, Nougat and Maple Smoked Coconut Donut.

All of them were amazing, but the Chocolate Peanut Fudge was definitely my favourite, just because I love Peanut Butter. But I mean, who doesn’t? 😉

I really enjoyed the Cappuccino and Chai Latte, as well. Both of them were made with Oatmilk by Oatly (which by the way is my favourite non-dairy milk brand).

Atmosphere: very big and bright place; great to just go and grab a coffee or even bring your computer to work there.

Service: self service, but very friendly.

You can order Brammibal’s Donuts here


3. Swing Kitchen Burger

We were super hungry and Happy Cow (which is an app for vegan restaurants close by) happened to show us this place.

The restaurant mainly focuses on Vegan Burgers, but it also has other items on the menu such as salads and wraps.Kitchen Wrap at Swing Kitchen in Berlin

I ordered the Kitchen Wrap, which had a Vegan Schnitzel inside and I must say, once again Berlin didn’t disappoint me. It was pretty good. And I was surprised how close the taste and texture was to an actual Schnitzel. Overall I would say the wrap was pretty satisfying.

My friend ordered the Italian Burger, which was new on the menu at that time. Even though he liked the taste of the patty, he preferred the meal I ordered.

For dessert we ordered vegan cheesecake, which was good, but to be honest, it was nothing I haven’t tasted before.

Atmosphere: another fast food ambiance, with fun swing music in the background.

Service: self service; very friendly, and willing to explain any questions you might have.

Find out more about Swing Kitchen here


4. Mana Food

This place felt truly magical, especially if you are up for a healthy vegan brunch.

Avocado Toast at Mana Food Berlin I ordered the magic mushroom bagel, which had oyster mushrooms, dried tomatoes, rocket, peppers and a side salad. My friend ordered an avocado and hummus toast. Both dishes were freshly prepared and full of taste. You know when something is so amazing you don’t want it to end? Yeah, this bagel made me feel like that.

Since we were quite unlucky with the weather and we stayed at this wonderful place for a while, we also ordered a Cappuccino with oat milk, a refreshing drink (which was called Pinky), a Vegan Brownie, Ginger Spritz and Hot Chocolate with Baileys. There was nothing we ordered that I didn’t like. Quite the contrary, everything was really really good.

Atmosphere: super warm and cozy, beautiful decorations. I could have stayed there for the whole day, also great place to bring your computer and work.

Service: very friendly and welcoming.

See the full menu here


5. Secret Garden Vegan Sushi

Oh my, where do I start. I used to be the biggest sushi lover before I went vegan, and I think it was one of the foods for me, which was hardest to give up.Vegan Sushi at Secret Garden Vegan Sushi Berlin

We ordered every single sushi item on the menu, as each peace had such a different taste. Some of them were really good, and tasted so close to fish, some other flavours were quite unique. Some I personally didn’t enjoy as much. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the names anymore, but I would suggest asking the waiter, which sushi items are the most popular.

I also really enjoyed the atmosphere and the fact that it has a vegan shoe shop right next to the restaurant and an all vegan store called Veganz below the sushi place, made it all even better.

Atmosphere: very nice, great view, great decorations and unique presentation of the food, also a great place to just grab a drink and stay for a while.

Service: friendly and willing to help with anything, super quick as well.


6. Zen House

If you love Asian food, you shouldn’t miss this place while in Berlin! I had to go twice as everything on the menu looked so good that I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to order.

Vegan Duck and Sushi at Zen House BerlinThe first time my friend and me ordered Vegan Duck, which came with vegetables and black rice. The “duck” had a great meaty flavour and taste, I was shook. We also ordered Black Rice Rolls, which were filled with tofu, sweet potato, avocado, sesame seeds and peanut butter and it came with a sweet and sour ginger dip. It was sooo good. Just by thinking back about it, my mouth is starting to water.

As we were still a little hungry, we ordered 2 spring rolls. These were filled with tofu and came with a sweet and sour dip.

The second time we went to Zen House, we ordered a peanut tofu dish, which came with vegetables and an absolutely amazing peanut sauce. And if you love peanuts, then this dish will make your heart happy. My friend ordered a tofu curry, which was also very flavourful.

Again, I could go on and on about how great this restaurant is and how I wish I could have tried every item on the menu, but I’d recommend you going and trying it out yourself.

Atmosphere: bright, cozy and very welcoming

Service: very welcoming and friendly.

You can find the full menu here


7. Goodies Berlin

Healthy Vegan Food at Goodies Berlin

Goodies is a fully vegetarian place, where I ordered the Hot Lunch Bowl, which I veganised by egg with avocado and my friend ordered the Baked Sweet Potato. Both meals were delicious and super healthy. We also tried the vegan croissant, which was the first (vegan) croissant I ate after turning vegan. It definitely came close to a real butter croissant. They also had a lot of other vegan cakes and sweets. I wish I could have tried those, but I have already been very satisfied with the lunch I had.

If you happen to be close to this place and are looking for a healthy breakfast or lunch (or even dessert), this place is a great and quick stop.


Atmosphere: it was really packed when we went there, which made the place seem very busy. But I really loved the beautiful paintings on the wall and the way the small restaurant was set up.

Service: self service, but for some reason the energy felt quite off, not sure why.

For the full menu, see here


8. Avocai

Healthy Vegan Food at Avocai BerlinThis place definitely exceeded my expectations. We ordered the lunch menu, which was a red rice salad with spinach, sweet potato, zucchini, curcuma, hummus, beets and tofu. Oh my.. where do I start. I mean I love healthy food, but this combination of goodness was just incredible. The açaí smoothie we ordered was also really flavourful and filling.

If I lived close to this place, I would come over and over again to enjoy a healthy breakfast or lunch and work there, as the atmosphere is also really great and inviting.


Atmosphere: Small, but beautifully designed. Also a great place to work or just grab a smoothie with a friend.

Service: very friendly and welcoming!


So this is it, 8 of the most amazing vegan restaurants in Berlin, of which all I would recommend, depending on what kind of food you like. If you are ever in Berlin and need some further tips, if vegan or not, let me know as I am more than happy to help.

Also, make sure to check out both of my latest YouTube Videos, where you can actually see all the restaurants I visited and the food I ate:


Thanks so much for reading and feel free to share!

With love,






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