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"Before I started the program, I didn't feel happy with my body and I was unhappy from the inside as well. I would be stressed all of the time and I ate super unhealthy. After the program, I can now say that I feel 100% happy with my body, I eat healthy and consciously and I became a relaxed and happy person.
It was a total game changer :)"
- Olivia

"Before working with Jess, my lack of confidence was eating away at every area of my life. Now, I love myself, and I've seen so many positive changes in ALL areas of life because of how much stronger my body and mind are!"
- Kaitlyn

"The Plantiful Program gave me the exact start I needed to begin my vegan fitness journey. I've gained confidence, knowledge, motivation, and so much more. I've really learned to love myself!"

"Before this program I lacked a lot of self confidence and felt very confused with my body and being vegan. I couldn't figure out why I was bloated and why my energy varied week to week. After the program I feel like I have a better understanding of how to fuel my body properly to prevent weight gain and bloating. I also learned for the first time about the phases of the menstrual cycle and how that also effects my body and energy. I now have so much knowledge after this program to have relationship with my body."

"Before this program I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable in my body. I felt helpless as I thought I was being active and eating right as a vegan. Now I feel more confident than I ever have not only with my body, but in how to eat and train the best for my health. And of course, avoid painful bloating!"

"Before the program I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. No matter how much I worked out or what I ate I never saw real lasting results. Since joining the program I have learned how to eat a balanced vegan diet and how important managing stress and hormones is. I feel amazing and I'm more confident than I ever have been before! This has become my lifestyle and not just a diet."

"Other programs teach you how to cut calories and that's where it ends, this program teaches you how to eat the right nutrients for your body so you can sustain the loss and feel full! I lost 19Ibs on the program in 4 months and dropped two sizes, I am at the lowest weight of my adult life and could not be happier with the results."

"Jess, with professionalism, patience and willingness, helped me to gain more connection and confidence within myself. I was already vegan and ate very healthy but had a little extra weight and wasn't fit at all even if I was going to the gym. Thanks to customized nutritional and training plan I FINALLY had a guide to follow in order to get better physically and mentally and, moreover, the tools to be able to maintain that condition. "

"At the beginning of the program I felt heavy, lethargic, and stressed. I was depressed and enslaved by an eating disorder. Now I feel lighter and more optimistic about my health and wellness. My energy has improved and I have tools to manage my stress better. I established a sense of empowerment that I won't lose. "

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