The Plan tiful Power Pro gram

Melo The Plantiful Power Program is a coaching program for vegan ladies, who are ready to thrive on a vegan diet, get fit, learn how their beautiful bodies work and reclaim their confidence.

- Are you ready to finally learn how to eat the right way on a vegan diet, stop the bloat and feel energised again?

- Are you ready to stop the endless confusion about what type of diet and workouts you should be doing?

- Are you ready to understand your cravings, fatigue and PMS and finally sync with your cycle so that you can live your best life?

- Are you ready to finally look into the mirror and finally love yourself again?

- Lastly, are you ready to become the vegan goddess you deserve to be?

Well then you are in the right place, because the Plantiful Power Coaching Program is for the powerful vegan lady looking for the guidance to elevate and transform her health and mindset in ALL aspects of her life.

This is for you if:

- If you finally want to thrive on a vegan diet and stop the bloat that so many vegans experience

- If you want to wear a bikini and feel freaking confident

- If you want to look into the mirror and love what you see

- If you want to understand yourself and learn more about the menstrual cycle

- If you want to invest in your health and yourself

- If you are tired of trying it on your own and craving to be around inspiring beautiful ladies on the same journey

Imagine if:

- you could look at yourself in the mirror and accept and love what you see

- you could wear all of the clothes you have been wanting to wear for so long

- you could finally lose weight sustainably without endless dieting and restrictions

- you could feel energized and ready to take over the world

- you could feel in tune with your mind, body and spirit

- you could understand your menstrual cycle and sync with it

What you'll  ge t

• Personalized Vegan Meal Plans

• Personalized Training Plan

• Hormonal Health Coaching

• 24/7 Access to Me

• Access to In Depth Educational Content (Plantiful Power Platform)

• Monthly Expert Group Calls

• Community of Vegan Women on the same journey

• Weekly Check In Calls With Me or in a Group

Wha t is i t?

The Plantiful Power Program is a coaching program with a community of vegan ladies from all around the world.

It’s filled with the exact tools and information that you will need to elevate your health and get your mind, body and spirit to the next level.

Whether you are a vegan lady wanting to lose weight, or wanting to transition into veganism to become the healthiest version of yourself, having the guidance and coaching from a professional will help you make this journey sustainable, enjoyable and successful.

Who is  this for?

The Plantiful Power Coaching Program will not only give you the necessary coaching and tools to transform your health, but the mindset it takes to get there.

This program is ONLY for people are serious about investing their time and energy and who are dedicated to transform their health.

If you are ready to eat delicious vegan food, do fun workouts, learn how your beautiful body works and how you can sync with it, then this is for you my plantiful goddess.

Whether you have been vegan for a couple of years, or you’d like to transition into a plant-based lifestyle, I will show you that a healthy and balanced lifestyle does not need to be hard.

Tes timonials


"Before I started the program, I didn't feel happy with my body and I was unhappy from the inside as well. I would be stressed all of the time and I ate super unhealthy. After the program, I can now say that I feel 100% happy with my body, I eat healthy and consciously and I became a relaxed and happy person.
It was a total game changer :)"
- Olivia


"Before working with Jess, my lack of confidence was eating away at every area of my life. Now, I love myself, and I've seen so many positive changes in ALL areas of life because of how much stronger my body and mind are!"
- Kaitlyn


"The Plantiful Program gave me the exact start I needed to begin my vegan fitness journey. I've gained confidence, knowledge, motivation, and so much more. I've really learned to love myself!"


"Before this program I lacked a lot of self confidence and felt very confused with my body and being vegan. I couldn't figure out why I was bloated and why my energy varied week to week. After the program I feel like I have a better understanding of how to fuel my body properly to prevent weight gain and bloating. I also learned for the first time about the phases of the menstrual cycle and how that also effects my body and energy. I now have so much knowledge after this program to have relationship with my body."
-Celina Duran


"Before this program I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable in my body. I felt helpless as I thought I was being active and eating right as a vegan. Now I feel more confident than I ever have not only with my body, but in how to eat and train the best for my health. And of course, avoid painful bloating!"


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