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Hello my plantiful goddess,

I am Jess, a vegan health coach, and I have been through quite the journey with restricted dieting, eating disorders, overtraining, hormonal disbalances, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, acne and bloating.

I literally had it all. 

But let’s go back to when everything began. 

After I stopped taking birth control over 6 years ago, I had a breakout of hormonal acne (it was all over my face, neck and back). In addition to that, I struggled with gut and digestive issues and several eating disorders. And even though I was working out regularly and eating “healthy”, internally I felt like there was no life in me. 

Then, I became vegan in December 2017, due to health and ethical reasons. Withing a couple of months, my hormonal acne completely disappeared and even though my periods were still very irregular, I felt my body slowly balancing itself out.

But then, a couple of months later, while I was working in a marketing firm, I felt myself slowly burning out. My body felt totally out of balance. I struggled with insomnia, depression, anxiety, bloating, gut issues, irratability, brain fog, extreme fatigue and weight gain. I would work many hours (also on the weekends), while trying to fit in a workout every single morning, with no sleep. All I did was hide from the world. And even though I was living in my favourite city in the world, Barcelona, I did not enjoy the city at all. 

 I realised when I first became vegan I had no idea what I was doing. I believed that all I had to do was eat whole food plant based and that would make me look and feel great. But the exact opposite happened. 

Here I was trying to be a health advocate for the vegan diet and trying to save the world, but I can’t even get my own life together.

I decided that at this point all that was left for me was to quit my job and start everything over again so that I can heal myself first.

 I became a certified vegan nutritionist and fitness trainer and after all of these years, endless research, self studies and certifications, I can finally say that I am looking the greatest I ever looked and I feel the best I have ever felt. I have combated my hormonal acne, my bloating and my eating disorder and I am feeling stronger than ever, physically and mentally. 

The moment I shared my story on social media, many women started reaching out to me for help and support. Women that themselves struggled with health issues, bloating, weight gain, hormonal disbalance, fatigue, etc. 

On top of that, knowing that my actions are positively impacting the environment, the animals in the world, I knew that I needed to share whatever I have learned over the years with YOU!

Having worked with 80+ clients from all over the world, I have learned that women require a
different kind of strategy and support than men. We as women have the beautiful gift to use our
menstrual cycle to our advantage, in ALL areas of life such as health, work, sports and
relationships. That’s why my coaching is entirely build around how women can get in touch with
their bodies and go on a long lasting health journey. 

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