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Jessica Karwat is a Vegan Nutrition and Health Coach specialised in women-focused coaching.
As a certified vegan nutritionist and fitness trainer, she has worked with over 60+ clients from all over the world.
As a content creator she has also dedicated her time to spreading the vegan and healthy lifestyle through her podcast (The Seeking Veganism Podcast)
her Instagram and Blog.



Jess has become vegan due to health and ethical reasons in December 2017.

“I have always been very health focused. Since I can remember, sports and healthy food have been a big part of my life. Until I started struggling with very bad hormonal acne back in 2016. For two years I have tried everything, from therapies, to pills to creams. After wasting an endless amount of money and time, I have stumbled upon the possibility of adapting a vegan diet. After having done some research, I decided to go vegan over night. And in just as little as two months, all of my hormonal acne disappeared and never came back. I couldn’t believe it. For so long did I feel unattractive and was scared to leave the house without make up. All of a sudden I felt happy again, and I didn’t feel the fear to show my face again. Since then, I never went back.”

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