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Top 8 Vegan Spots in Hamburg

One of my favourite things to do is to explore vegan restaurants in different cities. And man, I wasn’t disappointed of what Hamburg had to offer.

Happen Pappen

We loved this place the first time, so we decided to go a second time. They have an inside and outside area and this place seemed crowded at all times

The menu during lunch is different to the one in the evening, as they offer sandwiches and a variety of different dishes during midday and burgers and burger bowls during the evening. Personally I preferred the burger bowl over the lunch we had.

The only downside at this place is the fact that you have to wait quite long (30-45 minutes) for the food. But the quality and taste make up for it.

Location: pretty central, in Karolinenviertel, between St.Pauli and Sternschanze

Price: average

Atmosphere: casual, just to eat, not really to stay longer and have drinks; self service

Vegan Vincent

Looking for some amazing vegan fast food? Even if you are meat eater, this is a place you have to try! We tried the Veganizer (My favourite), the Big Veganski, The Beyond Burger, Kebab Fries (My second favourite), Curry Wurst and Sweet Potato Fries. The taste is very fast foodie, but definitely worth it if you are craving some convenience food.

Location: Europa Passage, very central

Atmosphere: In a food court of a shopping center

Price: very good and fair for what you get

Otto’s Burger

A burger place with an extensive menu of non vegan burgers. We ordered the only vegan burger on the menu and we had the Beyond Meat Burger Patty instead of the original one. As a side dish we chose the sweet potato fries. I must say that it was definitely really good! I personally just really love the beyond meat burger patty. It is great to see that more and more places are offering it as an option.

Location: Chain, many different locations around town, we were at the one at Schanze

Atmosphere: very cozy, seems like a good place to stay in the evening and have drinks

Price: average, a little pricier with beyond meat patty

Fried Club at Bidges & Sons

Great spot for convenience food, so don’t expect to find anything “healthy”. We ordered the Beyond Bidges Burger and the Golden Nuggets. The Burger was definitely one of the best vegan burgers I have had so far (also beyond meat patty). The taste of the nuggets was very close to the original chicken nuggets.

Location: Reeperbahn/ St.Pauli

Atmosphere: dark(ish), great to stay after lunch or dinner and enjoy some drinks, has a terrace as well

Price: Fair

Golden Temple Teehaus

As we felt like having something light to eat after a whole day of travelling we decided to try this place and we were not disappointed. My boyfriend ordered a vegan/thai dish. And I must say that this dish was the best Indian dish I have tried outside India. I had a huge green salad, which was light but delicious! I’d also suggest going there for breakfast as the menu looks super yummy!

Location: Between Sternschanze and Rotherbaum

Atmosphere: great chilled atmosphere, to also come and work

Price: fair

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

Definitely a great spot for coffee lovers and a great snack! We ordered two chai lattes and a vegan waffle. And I was in vegan waffle heaven. Definitely worth trying both, the food and the coffee they have there! Also, because the location is great!

Location: close to the harbour, pretty central

Atmosphere: great smell of coffee, perfect for coffee lovers, very relaxing

Price: fair

Boussi Falafel

Definitely one of the best falafels I ever had! The only downside was that I asked for a falafel salad and I would have loved more fresh veggies. But nevertheless, the falafel itself was amazeballs.

Location: Europa Passage, very central

Atmosphere: It is in the food court of a shopping center, and I guess everyone knows this kind of “atmosphere”.

Price: fair


OH MY VEGAN HEAVEN! I don’t know where to start. But this ice cream was by far the best vegan ice cream I have ever had in my life!

My boyfriend and me had no choice but to try all of the different flavours. My favourite is definitely “Schniggers”, but we also tried vanilla, salty peanut and banana, salty caramel, manner waffle, yoghurt, mousse au chocolate, coconut and mango and we also tried the soft ice.

Extra plus: they have wooden spoons instead of plastic!

Location: Schanze

Atmosphere: great place to get ice cream to go

Price: very fair

Generally, I have to say that I was surprised by how many vegan restaurants Hamburg had to offer and how many restaurants offer a variety of vegan options. I am sure that in the future there will be many more!

With love,

Jess x

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