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Bringing People Together, One Meal At A Time At Your Friend’s Kitchen

All of you know that I am passionate foodie. And I also think that supporting each other especially in the online community is super important. That’s why I have interview Meenakshi, the founder of Your Friend’s Kitchen and asked her a couple of questions about her business, she has just launched.

She also describes herself as a passionate foodie and avid traveler. She discovered her love for cooking when she first moved to the United States from India. A foodie at heart, she has traveled to 25+ countries and explored street foods and fine dining alike. Her passion for cooking food and hosting inspired her to create a platform for others to enjoy dining in the comfort of a warm, cozy, intimate setting and enjoy a delicious meal prepared with love and passion.

Her goal at your friends kitchen – Bring people together, one meal at a time!


What is Your Friend’s Kitchen?

Your Friend’s Kitchen is an authentic food experience, a new take on going out for a meal.

Your Friend’s Kitchen aims to bring people together to share an experience that is comforting and familiar, yet not like any other. Whether they are home cooks or food lovers, our hosts share a passion for bringing people together, one meal at a time!


 Who are the events for?

Foodies, people looking for experiences, personalised food experience where you interact with the chef and learn about the history of the dishes they are eating, meet like minded people at the table – locals & travellers.

There is a growing demand for vegan events and when we speak to our friends or co-workers who are vegan, we constantly hear that there aren’t enough vegan events that highlight different cuisines or different flavours or different food groups for that matter. At Your Friend’s Kitchen, we aim to bring new cuisines and new flavours from around the world with a vegan menu to the table.


When was Your Friend’s Kitchen founded?

The concept and idea has been in work for over a year but if was officially launched in November 2018.


How many people are on your team?

2 as of now but growing soon.


What are the locations for the events?

New York and New Jersey as of now – adding other cities in the USA soon and hopefully international some day.


How do you choose your themes?

We look to bring unique flavours to our guests. Flavours or dishes are not easily found at mainstream restaurants.


Can people suggest themes or host their own event?

Guests can always request what they would love to see at our table. You can apply to join as a host. We have a selection criteria to make sure the YFK standards are met. Once approved, host can add their events.


How many people at each event?

Our goal is to provide an intimate experience so the max we seat is 8-10 guests at a table


I would like to thank Meenakshi for taking her time to tell us about this wonderful event, everyone should experience. If you would like to know more about Your Friend’s Kitchen make sure to follow them on Instagram and check out their website.


With love,

Jess x

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