I think I completely lost myself.

Wow, it’s been a while. Welcome back!

Let’s start this one with something so personal I never thought I’d say.


I think I lost myself.


Listening to others, valuing their opinion more than my own. Something I have done for so long. To that point that I forgot what transparency meant. But what does it mean? I am sure everyone has a different idea of it. But for me transparency is something very crucial in my every day life. If it is with my friends, family or in my job. Without transparency it is hard to be authentic and your true self. Too often are we scared though to actually say what is on our mind. And to share our opinion. We are scared of being judged, rejected or abandoned. But I realised I can not go on for longer. I realised that by pleasing others and adjusting all the time, I was slowly breaking and loosing myself.

I know I am here to help others. But before I can do that, I need to be true to myself and most and foremost: help myself. The time of covering myself up is over. It’s the time to stop pretending that my life is all shiny and perfect. Don’t understand me wrong, life is great. And I am super thankful to be here and to be part of this. But there will be moments of fear, failure and anxiety. Learning how to deal with those moments is what can eventually make us grow.

I am here, taking off my mask. Letting you in, allowing you to listen to my deepest thoughts. Allowing myself to be vulnerable. Encouraging you to do the same. Why?


Because we are here to be free, we are here to feel the freedom we have a right to feel.





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