End of year self reflection

It’s the time of the year, and as important as a lot of people think it is to set goals for the new year, I also think it is important to reflect upon everything that has happened and how much closer we have gotten to reach those goals.

The start of the year has definitely been difficult. Last year I have been a very sad person, going through a break up and not being able to reach all the expectations I have set myself. I have been disappointed of myself, I have cut myself out completely from human relationships and I have closed myself up.

After some time I decided to start of 2017 differently, I have changed my mindset and the change was crazy and one of the biggest ones I have ever experienced in my life. By changing the way I think, by trying to think more positively, I started attracting a lot of amazing people into my life, which have helped me go through the university stress at that time. I studied hard, made great friendships and had so much motivation and energy, I haven’t had in a long time. For this reason my exams went well and I finally graduated and I can proudly say that it was very successful.

The first part of the year was definitely great, and I am more than grateful for everything that happened in my life so far and the goals I have achieved. The biggest goal was to graduate.

The second half of the year was a little confusing. For the first time I didn’t have responsibilities such as studying. I realised that now I have my career and my future in my hands. And I got overwhelmed, a little lost and confused. I started feeling anxious, because I realised that now I do not know what the right thing to do will be. My future is completely in my hands and every career move will have its consequences. Big decisions were (and still are) waiting to be made.

In addition to that a lot of personal problems evolved, which makes the process of working towards your goals even more difficult.

As a conclusion I realised that a lot of success can be achieved by working on your mind first.


Your mind is a powerful thing.

In fact, it is our most powerful tool. If you can set your mind to believe in you and everything you have set yourself, you are able to create great things and reach your goals. Even during difficult times, you still have a lot of power to not loose faith and keep fighting.

My tip therefore: start small. Try to think of one positive thing each day. Wake up and think about one thing that you are grateful for, or that makes you happy. It can be the smallest little detail, but by doing so you can condition your mind to think positively. It can be a hard and long process, but it is definitely worth it.


And most importantly, always believe in yourself.

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