Decision-making and why you should put yourself first, always.

Ever caught in a moment where every decision is hard to make and it’s actually really hard to decide if it is a good or bad decision? Well let me tell you one thing.

Most decisions we make are based on what other people might think or feel about us.

We don’t want to disappoint or hurt. We want people to like or love us. Therefore we are scared to do the right or wrong thing,

But let me tell you one thing. The right or wrong thing does not exist. It is something that has been created in our head and mostly by everyone around us, because people like to judge. That’s how society has been created. Just scroll through the Internet – a lot of content out there is judging other people’s lives and creating talk about what they should or should have done.

But honestly?

The moment that you realise it is no one’s business but your own what you do in your life and what decisions you make – the very moment you will feel free.

And the less stressed you will feel.

I mean our whole life is based on decision making. And sometimes we can feel lost, because we are surrounded by different people telling us what to do. In those situations you have to stop and focus on yourself and see what makes you feel good and happy. Sometimes this means you will have to disappoint people with your decisions. But that is the only way you will feel good. Do not underestimate the wellbeing of yourself. It is the most important thing.

If you keep sacrificing yourself over and over again, it will only lead to you feeling worse and ultimately you will have no energy to get yourself up again. And that is a point we don’t want to reach – You don’t want to reach.

My final message of this is that I know as hard as it seems sometimes, you have to have your own back, at all times. And think about your wellbeing. When something feels off, don’t do it. Give yourself time and don’t be scared to make a decision that is best for you.

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