Don’t be scared to be vulnerable

From a young age we are taught to be strong.


“Only strong people survive in this society.”

“Strength is everything.”

“Only if you are strong you will endure and reach your goals eventually.”


But there is one aspect we forget. HUMANITY. We are not robots (fortunately). We are human beings. We have feelings, we feel emotions. Society though is teaching us that emotions are bad – only for weak people. We need to learn to deal with them, cause we need to keep going. We need to be better, every day.

Companies and Businesses are run like that. Don’t dwell on your emotions – they are not relevant. Relevant is what you bring to the table – Now. And that you do it 24/7. That is all you are here for. The reason you are on this planet earth.

Damn it – No!

The inner child screams in me telling me that this is so wrong.


Especially lately where I feel like everything in my life is unstable – I need to keep going. Need to put an a facade, tell everyone everything is great – Life is great. But what if it is not – not at the very moment? Life isn’t bad, but rather confusing. Like you are not sure what the right direction or the right move is. Like everything you do or don’t does or doesn’t have a huge impact on the current moment. Like everything you do is being questioned by you and especially everyone around you. Close family members’ expectations can’t be met and  all you do feel is guilt. Like you are not giving enough. But then you remember – I can’t be vulnerable. I need to be strong. For everyone. For this society.


Cause vulnerability is wrong. Only the weak are vulnerable.



The more we all continue living a life of shame when wanting to show our vulnerable side, the more we will stop being human and we become robots. We suppress us – who we are – and eventually we will keep pouring being so hard on ourselves, until all of our energy is gone. We will stay without fuel. For no one – not even ourselves.

The more we people find the courage to show that we are vulnerable, that we are feeling everything so very deeply, the more people will feel connected with us, the more people will feel released and the less we will feel like we are the only ones feeling this way. Each one of us is unique and has a history or is currently going through something – Remember that.


Cause at the end being vulnerable shows how strong we really are.


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