When the inspiration hits you..

There is days, when I feel empty, when there is nothing left. Not a single heartbeat of energy. Not a single breath. It feels like I am falling into this deep hole, and I keep falling, without seeing the end. Without knowing if there is an end. Maybe this is the release? Maybe this is the moment, that I have been waiting for. Maybe it is supposed to happen, and everything else was just for nothing?

Then there is days, when I feel more alive than ever, like nothing else ever mattered. Like the whole world is just waiting for me, and all the opportunities come running towards me. These moments, when inspiration hits you, and you can’t got enough of it. When everything starts making sense and every inch of your body is itching to finally go for what you have been dreaming for, for so long.


Can you relate? These moments of uncertainty, waking up in the morning not knowing what to expect. What to expect from people, from life, from you. What will you think? How will you think?

But knowing that bad days will eventually pass, will be gone for at least a little while. And the good days will arise, will make you happy and will make you more alive than ever.


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