5 Reasons why you SHOULD keep going.

Today is a day, where I am literally wondering why I am doing all this. And I decided to sit down and literally find those reasons! Feeling the same? Check this out:


  1. You have come so far, just to give up now? Come on! You are much better than that. There is a reason why you started and why you have worked your ass off to be where you are right now. The biggest failure is when you give up – Just DON’T
  2. It is all you really have! Your biggest dream is your biggest dream for a reason, right? It is your energy, your daily fuel to keep you going. Giving up now would mean losing the sense of life. I know it is hard, but not worth having comes easy.
  3. Most people who start working hard towards their dreams tend to give up. That’s why most people fail. They don’t fail, because of some incident that happened during the hustle, but they fail because they gave up on their dreams and even worse – they gave up on themselves. Be part of the 0,1% that makes it happen and be proud of yourself.
  4. You are the inspiration & motivation for someone else. Even if you don’t want to believe it, but whatever you are doing is motivating someone else. Sometimes we forget that each action has its consequences and those people who you are motivating might never admit it, but they are always around. That’s just how humans work.
  5. Regret is the worst thing that could happen to you. I personally have heard many stories of elderly people who sum up everything they regret not doing in their life – They never regret what they did, but what they didn’t. And I am more than convinced that this is something you would like to avoid. You only live once – so do it right. Get out & get it!

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