6 Things We Can Learn From Taylor Swift

We have all been waiting for this moment. Taylor f*cking Swift is soon to be back. She has been gone for a long time, and by gone, I mean really gone. It is like she disappeared. But we all know, that something big is coming. And I am sure, we won’t be disappointed.

Some of you might know, that I like to seek inspiration in other people who I look up too. I mean those people are successful for a reason, right? So there must be certain things those people do, that we can learn from and use to our advantage.

And since Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists of our century, there is a 7 things, that I personally think really stand out and we can use those to our advantage:


1. You gotta love the process, honey.


If you ask most people, what their number one goal is in life, I guarantee you a lot of them will say, to have a lot of money and be successful. Do you maybe recognise yourself in that? I mean, the goal is great, there is nothing wrong about that. But we also tend to forget, that getting there is not an easy game. It takes a little while to get successful. And why is Taylor Swift relevant here? Because she is one of the many successful people who showed us, that only if you love the process of working hard every single day, you can become successful. Too many people live for the end goal, but not for the actual process. Fifteen years ago, Taylor Swift probably knew what her passion was and what she wanted to become. But she also loved the process of making her dream a goal. She loved to write songs, play the guitar and sing. That was what she was living for and she was happy with that. The success “came on the side”.

Only with the love for the daily hustle and the process of getting closer step by step to your goal, only then you can be truly happy and successful. And you will probably value the success much more.


2. Do what you love

Yes, I know. You have heard this a lot of times. But again, Taylor Swift did what she loved and she became who she is today. If you think you will be successful by having to force yourself to do something, you will never feel happy and even if success comes along the way, you know you made it for one reason, money. Because what is the point of doing something you don’t like? I truly believe we are the captain for our own boat and life is way to short to do something we do not enjoy doing. I also believe that there is something out there for everyone. You just have to give yourself time and find what you love doing.


3. Don’t care what they think

In order words: Stay true to yourself. I mean, we all remember how many times Taylor Swift was criticised for certain songs or things she has done in her life. But, you know what makes her special. She didn’t give a single f*ck. Instead she embraced it and even more than ever emphasised who she is and that she won’t change. I believe that is also why we love her. So many times people put so much energy into satisfying other people and fear criticism. But the good news? As soon as you feel like people start possibly hating on you, because you do what you love, it means, you are getting somewhere. If Taylor would have taken every single thing that has been said about her, personally, she wouldn’t be where she is today.


4. Try to improve yourself

And always strive for better. Taylor Swift has always been great, but looking at her awesome transformation on when she just started out and how she is now is truly amazing. Throughout her career you can literally see how much she has worked on every single one of her songs and how much detail has been put in each of her music videos. She knows that life is a constant learning process and she is always surprises us with something new and better she presents us with. Therefore, it is also important for us to understand, that even though we might think that we have already reached a lot, there is always so much more to learn and so many more things we can improve in.


5. Support over jealousy

The perfect example here is Taylor Swift’s squad. Therefore, she represents the fact that successful people build each other up. There is no time for space for jealousy. I mean, let’s be honest, where does jealousy bring us? What is the point of it? It will just drain you and has literally no positive effect on you or your actions. On the other hand supporting other successful people will not make you less successful. That is something people have to understand. Just take Taylor Swift as an example 😉


6. Find a unique way in branding yourself

That woman really knows how to brand herself the right way. I mean she probably has amazing experts around who help her with that, no doubts. But still. She symbolises the importance of self branding, something we might not see as relevant a lot of times. Especially what she is doing now, which is something complete different than most artists do. She first deleted all of her social media content and people got super curious. We all knew something was coming up. This is brilliant, simple and unique. But most importantly creative. We should definitely take a page from her book.


Thank you so much for reading and let me know if you agree and which one was your favourite point.




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