Why should you stop explaining yourself to others?

Because, let’s be honest: Do you really want to?

Probably not. No one feels like collecting all their energy in order to satisfy another human being with the answer they want or don’t want to hear.

How often do we actually get into a situation, where circumstances make you do certain things? You probably just do not have another chance than to act in a specific way and make decisions, which seem like the only right thing. Because you know what? You can’t make every single person in your life happy with your actions. Unfortunately you can’t.

You are the most important person in your life. If you are not doing well, how are you supposed to help others and make them happy? It’s almost impossible.

I am being honest here, I catch myself a lot of times in life, where I act a certain way, just so the other person won’t have a problem with the actual actions I would like to take. This seems wrong, no?

I mean, transparency is the key, if you want to meet genuine people that fit perfectly with the crazy you!

But if you feel like you are being transparent, but the other person still does judge each single action you take, then it is most likely that this person is not the right one to be around. You do not want to be stressing about every single word you say. And you don’t want to feel like you need to justify everything you do. And if the person you hand out doesn’t get it, then leave. It is for the good. Eventually they will come back with a clearer mind. And if not, it was not meant to happen.

But being happy, healthy and true to yourself is more important than satisfying others.



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