Shall we be prepared to get hurt?

The truth is, we will be hurt throughout our life journey. But the question is: shall we be prepared?

As most of us have already experienced, people come and go in and out of our lives. They might have a purpose, or they might not. But at the end of the day, there is a small thing they shared with us that will always stay with us. Even, if in the first place, we might not feel this way. I believe each human being we meet will have at least a small impact on our lives, without us even noticing it in the first place.

But then there is people that enter our lives and we think that’s it! It doesn’t matter if its friendships, relationships or any kind. We connect, we have a great time, we trust, and we can feel the other person feels the same way. At least that is what we think.

Until it happens.

We get hurt.

By exactly that person.

The person says something we didn’t expect, puts us on distance, or completely disappears. And let’s be honest, today’s society is ruled by social media and mobile phones. Therefore, it can be done with one easy step, which is by blocking the person. And in this case the message is clear.

And now the thinking starts. We are obviously hurt, though we don’t understand why this happened. We analyse and we overanalyse every single scenario and maybe come to a conclusion, which might be absurd or might make no sense, or actually might be the reason why things happened they  way they did. But the least thing we expected was for this to happen obviously. 

And yes, here I am speaking from experience.

Of course it hurts. We feel pain. We are humans.

But there is one thing I want you to remember. You deserve so much more. And the other person probably did not see your value and especially didn’t see how amazing you are.

Being sad about it is okay, but don’t get yourself down. Like I did. I would get myself to such a depressed state. Because I didn’t understand.

Though, let’s go back to the question, shall we be prepared? My answer is No, but be cautious. Always be. And don’t expect anything, because exactly that is when we get hurt.

Because what if we are prepared? What if we keep thinking that the other person might hurt us? Will we really try to connect with the person? Probably not. Cause all we have in mind is us being prepared to get hurt. And just keep in mind, it MIGHT happen, we will go through life and disappointments are part of it, but they shouldn’t make up the main part of how we look at life.

Instead, they should help us grow and understand. We meet these people to exactly understand that someone even better is waiting for us, someone who deserves to have us in their lives. And truly wants us to be part of theirs.

So my last message: Don’t get yourself down because of idiots ruining your precious life <3

2 thoughts on “Shall we be prepared to get hurt?”

  1. In a way I believe you have to have in mind that the person next you might not be around all life. Which makes the days together more valuable. By accepting that fact, future life becomes much easier to look upon. Life if short, life is unfair and life is restricted in so many ways.

    Live as it was no tomorrow, everyday. And cherish the possibility to live life as a healthy human being with all the possibilities life has to offer. In the end life is just a one time opportunity, you live it because you choose to live. So fill your life with whatever you want. People come people go.

    1. I feel like we put restrictions on ourselves, because we live in a world with endless possibilities. But I totally agree that we live life because we choose to live and some things are not in our control, so living in the moment without fearing the future or overthinking the past, would be the best solution.

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