From the early stages of our lives, we are told to do certain things, that our future self will thank us for. Society tells us how we have to behave today, so tomorrow can be better. And how we can learn from the past, so we won’t make the same mistakes in the future again.

So basically I have been focusing on my past (to learn from it) and my future. Every day I am working hard towards my future goals, which, don’t understand me wrong, can be a great thing. But what if we are so stuck in working so hard towards our future, that we never really reach the actual future we were looking for. We tend to overlook how far we have come. And we do not realise that we might have already reached certain goals, which we have been working on for 5 years.

Today. Today, I am in Barcelona. 4 years ago, I have always wanted to come here. And I never thought it would be possible. But here I am. I am on my way of receiving a double degree in Business Management and Marketing. This allowed me to literally travel the world. Which I have also been dreaming about 4 years ago. And many many years ago I have always dreamt of meeting my biggest inspiration, and I did.

But why do I keep wanting more? Why is ‘today” never enough for me and I feel like I have not accomplished anything?

I have been trying to figure it out and well I guess I just live too much in the future or/and the past, like most of us. But it is definitely not our fault. It is what we have been taught. Since this small realisation of mine, I am trying to change the direction of my thoughts, trying to live in the moment, trying to be thankful everyday for what I have reached so far. Of course keeping in mind my future, and working with the intention to always reach the goals I have set myself.

No one knows what their future holds and no one knows how their story is written.

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