Life is a journey of lessons.

A few weeks ago I was on a hype. You know when you are on a really good wave in life! That wave keeps getting bigger, because it seems like life is getting better. Everything I have ever imagined was becoming a reality.

It even scared me. A moment came where I was wondering when this amazing wave would end. Well maybe I shouldn’t have. Apparently everything we imagine, we attract.

And here we are. One bad message keeps following another and the amount of information that keeps hitting me daily is overflowing the capacity of the pot I am carrying around.

I am getting to a point where I start asking myself what the purpose of all this is. I know life is supposed to teach us something. But sometimes when we think we have actually achieved something in life, we might be woken up the very next moment, realising it was not at all what we have imagined. And one saying pops up in my mind.  Not everything that shines is gold.

Sometimes we keep doing things, which in our eyes seem right, but through another person might not think that way at all.

And it all leads us to one thing: life is a journey of lessons. Things happen which we can’t control even though we wish we could. We will do things that primarily seem right to us, which at the end are not at all. But we will never know if we don’t try, right?

But the most important thing is to not blame ourselves for some things, which we can’t repair or do differently. Because this is what life is about.

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