About being self centred.

The world is moving so fast.

So, so so fast. That sometimes we can’t catch up. At least I can’t.

Everyday we are confronted with so much information, that I feel like that is not enough time to process it all. With this, it gets so easy to become self centred, to forget that there is more than just us with our irrelevant, tiny problems.

There is the world.
The world, which is filled with pain, war and poverty.
The world, which is filled with beauty, diversity and humanity.

Which one do you choose? Which one do you want to be surrounded by? Which one do you want to get inspired by?

Let me guess? It is the second one.

But why do we sometimes get caught up in a self centred mindset, where all that matters is us. We forget that we live among others. And that we are part of other people’s lives and vice versa, while we affect others more than we can imagine.

Open your eyes! Pack your bags and start feeling the world. It has so many more wonderful things to offer than we all can imagine. I am certain about that.


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