The constant pressure of having to be perfect.

Being perfect is something so absurd and unreal. What is even perfect? What is its definition? I googled it.

                              having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

“As good as it is possible to be.” See! What is “possible”? What does it mean?

One person might understand it differently than the other.  Everyone has a different perception of things.

We are confronted by so many people telling us daily, that we need to be productive and get somewhere in life, quick! Because time is running. Time which we will never get back.

So well that’s what we do, every day we hustle. At least the ones that have ambitious goals!

But then.. there is days the hustle stops to make sense, all the energy is gone, and all the motivation lost. We start to loose faith, we start to believe we failed.. We failed in everything we wanted to achieve. And we don’t see the end of these draining days.

How do you get yourself out of it? Will you ever get yourself out of it?

I believe we do get out of it. It’s human, isn’t it? We can’t constantly be perfectly following our goals that we have been setting ourselves. It is almost impossible, we can try, but we might eventually fail. We need those days, when everything goes to shit, to appreciate the moments, when everything is great again.


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