Don’t rush it. That’s what everyone has been telling me.

I am a very impatient person. VERY impatient. I need everything right now!
Which at times surely can be a good thing, cause I go out and get what I want. But life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes all we can do is wait. We can work hard towards a goal, but sometimes pushing too hard can just cause more damage.

I am writing this post to actually try to implement what I am about to say. Why?
Because I feel like I am kind of lost at this stage. I have so many goals and dreams in front of my eyes, that they are all just floating around and I have lost the clear path which I have had in front of my eyes for so long.

But I am starting to understand that it is okay. That I am also at a stage, where trying new things is part of growing and getting to know yourself. Only with this kind of feeling, we can slowly find the right way which we want to go in the future. Don’t regret anything and take every opportunity that comes along the way. You have all the time in the world and most importantly



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