Successful people build each other up, or not?!

There is this thing, created by our society, which is called competition and which humans believe to be a good thing.
A good thing, in order to be successful.
But let me tell you one thing, it is wrong to think that way. I mean, well… do what you want, you don’t need to listen to what I have to say. But trust me, my little brain wants to say a lot. And especially about this topic. Because it upsets me.
I am a single child. And no, I am not selfish or spoiled. I was taught not to. Yes, my parents have always supported me in everything I wanted to do, but still. They are not wealthy, have never been and probably never will. They have literally worked (and still do) their butts of to create a better future for their child, me. And I am more than thankful for that.
For this reason, I have also been taught to work hard for myself, to be a better version of myself, for myself. For no one else. And comparing your success to another person’s success is not healthy. On the opposite, it can make you depressed.
But for some reason this society was created under the perception that competition is the only way to go. Just look at sports events for example, it is always about being better than your opponent. And yes, it might be needed in one way or the other and it can also be fun.
But there is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy competition.
And unhealthy competition in my eyes is, when your mental health is involved. Being mentally healthy is so so so important, but we keep destroying it with things like that. Don’t you think? I mean as I mentioned before, it might just be my small brain bursting out all my thoughts at the moment.
I am speaking from experience, though. Most people do not want you to succeed, they want you to fail, most of the time.
Why? If another person succeeds it won’t make you any worse, will it?
Your success is not defined by another person’s success, but it only lies in your own hands.¬†


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