Forget about your phone once in a while.

I know, I know. Today it is the only way we can stay connected, unfortunately.

But what about that different connection. That “human” connection. Something, that can not be understood, can not be explained, but can only be felt.
Experiencing this deep connection with someone is something so special, that finding the right words to describe this feeling seems impossible. But it exists. If you let it.
And yes, you have to put your phone away for that. 
A world that is dominated by countless dating apps and the importance of social media statutes, we tend to forget that this is all a virtual world we are living in.
Sometimes I wish I could go back to when technology was not taking over the world, and truly interact with people.  Not having the option of “stalking” a person first, before meeting them. Not knowing anything about them and getting to know them face to face. 
Must sound super rare for the most of us, hm?
Well, just recently I just began valuing those kind of moments more, when I realised I had a beautiful interaction with someone else. It opened my eyes for the good. 
We are who we are in real life, and not who are to others on the screen.
With love
Jess x

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