Find out what makes you unhappy and change it. Really.

Ever found yourself unhappy during your current every day life?
I am pretty sure, yes.

Sometimes there are certain circumstances we find ourselves stuck in and we feel like we can not escape. Trust me, I have been there.

Just yesterday I was talking to one of my best friends and I have seen in her eyes how unhappy she is. She has also admitted it herself, which is very rare for people to do anyways, I believe. But well. It hurt me. She is my best friend and I want her to be happy, obviously. But then I kept asking her, why it might be the case and I realised that the situations she has told me, are situations that have the possibility to be changed. She has the entire power to do something about it. She can be happy again. But this would mean that she might have to risk one thing or another.

And I think this is the biggest problem for most of us. In order for us to finally be happy, we need to do things we would normally fear doing. Only then we can create the life the way we want it to be. That way we can feel pure happiness.

I would like to leave it here, since I’d much rather make you think with what I mean by what I have written.

Think about it and remember you have more power to change things than you think.

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