Stop fearing life.

Wow, I never thought I’d actually bring it that far to write a blog post about it myself. But here we are. Here I am, writing about something that I have feared for so long.

Life can be scary and overwhelming. Things happen unexpectedly. Things happen and no one can explain why.
But on my short journey I have started to realise how idiotic it is to fear life and to be scared to actually start living it. A lot of people might actually think they “live” life. But at the end of the day, they might have made some decisions, because they were obliged to, while they didn’t make other decisions, due to the fear of the consequences.
I am not saying to just get out there and be completely fearless.
But I am sure, I am talking to you all of you when I say that there has been moments in life, where you wish you would have acted differently. But you didn’t because you were scared. Right?
These are the moments most of us wish to be able to go back to. Because you know what?

“One day we will be old, and we will remember all the stories that we could have told.”

Go out there and enjoy every moment that the universe has given you to be on this wonderful earth. Stop regretting and start living.

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