Stay true to yourself.

The more I am travelling and the more people I meet, the more I realise how sometimes getting lost is easy. What do I mean with getting lost? – Getting lost within your true self. Loosing your true self. And not being sure who you actually are.

I know this might sound a bit vague, but what I mean with that, is that sometimes it happens, that we discover many facets of our personality, that we haven’t known before, due to the reason of us meeting new people regularly. It took me a while to realise that. To realise that sometimes I am not who I actually pretend to be, just because of the people I am around. We want to be liked by everyone, right? So we try to adapt.

Initially, when I realised that, it scared me. It made me envy myself. Somehow, I felt like I wasn’t true to myself. I always preach how important it is to be yourself, but then I go out and do something else.

But lately I started to see that this is actually part of a person’s individual development. It is part of the process to form the personality you are supposed to have. A person changes, some of those changes might be small while some of those might be radical. But we change, no matter what. And ¬†it is caused by our environment and by how we look at everything. The more we embrace that, the more open we are to explore so many possibilities that will lead us to our destination. A destination that is endless in opportunities for which we should be thankful for.

In case you might have felt a little lost today, I hope it helped you understand, that you are not alone.

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