High Expectations.

The first thing I feel when I wake up in the morning is the thought of having to prove myself again, not only to myself but also to others. I have to be striving for growth, every day, every hour, every minute. That is what I have been told by society, right? Only growth can make us a better human being. I am expected to be the best version of myself. If I am not, I failed. I disappointed. Who? Myself? No. I am disappointed with the fact that I haven’t been able to keep up with the expectations of society. 
But what is society? Society is you and me. It’s your mother, your father, your neighbour. It’s your teacher, your employer. It’s everyone. We are the reason we moulded life into what it is. We are the reason for hate and war. We are the reason humanity is divided. 
But I have a good message for you. We have the power to break through this cluster of expectations and conflict. Yes we are the cause for today’s society, but we can be the cause to change this mindset of you and me. We have the power to create beauty and acceptance.
To make clear from my side, there is nothing wrong with growth. But there is something wrong with expectations that we can not always keep up with, because we are human beings. And disappointments of unfulfilled expectations create a negative state of mind which can cause a vicious circle of never being good enough and constantly feeling like being under pressure. 
For this reason, I want people to finally start creating the society they truly want to live in. And to follow their dreams and aspirations. And to stop judging people, that are actually on their path of doing so. Because these are the people we should be looking up to.

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