“Having meaning in life is the most important thing.” – #BeInspired

Hello Everyone!
A few days ago I have written a blog post about how important it is to get yourself around people that inspire you and make you a better human being. 
For this reason, I have decided to interview people, that have not only inspired me, but also changed my life. I wanted to share their story with you. Sometimes we are so focused on ourselves, that we tend to forget what is happening around us, and what amazing human beings we are surrounded by. 
The first story is about an incredible woman, that I have met two years ago, when I was doing an internship in South Africa. The second time I have met her, which was last year, we have spent a lot more time with each other. She has honestly left such an impression on me. Her way of living and thinking has shown me that there are sincere and good hearted people in this world. And I wanted to thank her. Especially, because I think, that she doesn’t realise what kind of impact she has had on my life. 
Her name is Danai Mundeta and she is 30 years old. When asking her how old she actually
feels like, she has said between 26 and 28, for the reason that the reality of getting married or starting a family is not there yet. She is currently living in Johannesburg, but she was born and raised in Zimbabwe, which lies on the border with South Africa. 
One trait that Danai has and I noticed from the beginning is that she not only is very responsible and independent, but she can truly call herself a hard working individual. I believe there is many reasons, why she is the woman she is today. Not only is it a cause of her roots and her amazing and supportive parents (which I got to know as well), but also because she grew up in a third world country, which made her see and experience a lot of different things, that people from a first world country can hardly relate to. She believes in hard work and perseverance. And “if you are lazy, nothing will come out.”
One turning point in her life was a very bad relationship and a very bad break up, which changed her in that sense, that she actually discovered herself. She has told me that she was living for other people, instead of herself, which made her loose herself. Furthermore, she started believing that growth wasn’t possible anymore. As a consequence she has learned that
“If you put your focus on yourself and what you want to be and what you want to do, you will see that you are not limited. People can limit you, if you have the wrong person in your life .”
When I asked her about one message, that she would love to share with the world, she answered Love.
“To Love people, Love Yourself first and Love your family.”
But on the other side, people should know their boundaries and other people’s boundaries, especially because you will never ever figure out someone completely. There will be people that will hurt you. But that should not limit yourself.
When I asked what the most important thing in her life is, she said her mother and herself. She believes that having a special journey is important, as well as a meaning in life. Danai is Christian, which is a big part of her life and she knows that living for something is as important. 
I personally have been to South Africa twice for a longer amount of time, which gave me the opportunity to get to know this amazing country. But I wanted to know it from someone that has been living in the country for a long time and for this reason I asked Danai to describe South Africa in three words. She answered:
Beautiful. Busy. Opportunity

She furthermore believes that there is great opportunity in the country, which for me was the first thing that I have seen in South Africa as well. 
Lastly, I wanted to know the one thing she would change in the world if she could and she said Social Media and Phone Cameras. 

“People don’t live life anymore because they are so worried about what people think about them on Social Media. They want to take a picture of their food. People don’t live an experienced moment. People want to be validated by Social Media. They want to check how many likes the have. They want to see if they are pretty, if their shot is right.”

Honestly, I have to agree on this one. How many times do we get caught in front of our screens instead of really living life?.. Too much.
I wanted to thank Danai for taking her time to be part of this project of mine. 
I hope you enjoyed this read.
Have a wonderful inspiring week!



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