Surround yourself with inspiring people.

Why? Because life is short. And yes I think I keep saying that a lot in my posts. But it is true. It is a reality that so many of us do not understand or do not want to realise. I think each one of us on this planet has its dreams and goals and wants to achieve something bigger in life, right? Well, at least this is what I hope. And in order to become that person, I think it is very significant to choose the people that you surround yourself with, very wisely. You want to be inspired by them and they should make you feel motivated and not the opposite. 
Each person has a different story and comes from a different background. Sometimes we are so busy just focusing on our own life instead of actually looking at the bigger picture in order to get to know other people’s life stories. By surrounding yourself with people that actually care about your story and want to share theirs with you, you can build an incredible bound and you can learn more from each other than you can imagine. But this is a very subjective view of mine. Because this is exactly how I feel, every time I meet an incredible person. A person that I feel can inspire me in being a better person. 
You might agree or disagree with me on this one, obviously this is completely up to you. But give yourself some time to think about it 🙂
With love,

Jess x

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