Start loving yourself, damn it.

I can’t express how sad it makes me to see so many people struggling to accept themselves for who they are. I mean, sometimes, I am one of them. Sometimes, I do not have energy to wake up in the morning, because the goals I have had yesterday in order to become a better person, somehow today does not seem as important anymore, because I feel miserable.

I am miserable.
I am just not good enough. 
Are these my words? Yes, for sure. Am I the only one saying those words? No, for sure not.
Whose fault is this? I do not think it is our fault. It is the fault of the society we live in today. The world of Social Media and Advertising that shows us perfect images of humans in order for us to believe that this is how a human being should behave and look like. This world shows only one correct way. And we have to follow this way, because it is the only way for us in order to be successful in life, right? WRONG! Damn it. It is so wrong. And even though most of us would never admit that it actually has influenced us in some kind of way, it has influenced us more than we can imagine. And this is where we stop to love ourselves. We start comparing ourselves to other people or lifestyles. And we start believing that we should be unhappy if our life does not look this way. It’s sad, isn’t it? Gosh, I do it, too. I get depressed, too looking at perfect images of a person’s life. But that is not reality. We should see those people as part of our everyday inspiration, in order to become better human beings, to become better than we have been yesterday. We should not see those people as competition or as factor of our depression. I challenge you to start loving yourself today. To wake up in the morning and find one thing that you are thankful for. If it is the bed you are sleeping in, the food you have had yesterday or the holidays you are looking forward, too. There is so many beautiful reasons in our life to be thankful for. And we should embrace it everyday. And don’t forget to smile <3

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