Don’t wait until tomorrow…

Yes, you read it right. Don’t wait.

Waiting just creates more waiting. And I believe time is the most precious thing that has been given us on this earth. How many times do we postpone stuff, that might or might not be relevant to us.
If it is the essay you promised yourself you would start 2 weeks ago or the diet you wanted to start last month, or maybe you fell in love with someone and you are scared to finally tell them, you need to remember, every day, every minute and every second, time is passing that we can not get back. No one knows what the next day will bring, so in order to feel fulfilled and to start acting, we have to stop thinking about doing that particular thing and do it instead. Yes, we are all humans and we might be more motivated on one day than the other. But I believe you will truly be happy if you finally start taking those risks, that you have been trying to bury for so long. People rather regret decisions they didn’t make over those they did. The most successful people of our lifetime didn’t wait! They took those risks and didn’t just complain that life is not going how they would like it to go. Because complaining won’t take you any step further, instead it will only make you feel more miserable and more unhappy. And no one wants to feel this way, right? In many years we all want to look back at our life and be happy about the life we have had, which was caused by the decisions we made and the risks we took. This is the only way we will truly get to know ourselves and the only way that will make us grow and a better person.

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