Stop running after people that are not worth your time.

How often do we find ourselves stuck in a friendship or situation, where we really like/adore/love another human being, but it seems like the other person does not like/adore/love us back? If it seems like a situation that occurs too often in your life, it does not mean you are needy or anything like that, it just means you care. And even though caring is not a bad thing, it can sometimes make us feel lonely. We have all been there. But honestly? I have reached a point in my life, where I might try for, let’s say, a couple of weeks. But if I feel like all the effort only comes from my side, every single time, I will give up. Not because I stopped caring, but because I believe that life is too short to run after the wrong people. The right people, that are excited to be part of your life, will stay and will make your life even more amazing. You will not have to worry for a single second that you are not good enough for another person, because it will just feel right.

This was a short, but important post from my side.

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