WARNING: This might change your life

Yesterday I have watched one of my all time favourite movies: ‘The Fault in Our Stars’. It is based on a novel, which is also based on a true story. If you have never heard about this book or movie, well have you lived under a rock for the past few years? It is truly a life changing movie.

I do not want to get into details of the storyline, because I would like You to watch it yourself.

So the real question here is:

How did it change me? How did it change my view on life?

To be honest, in the past few weeks, I have felt a little lost in life. I have somehow lost my motivation for all of my biggest passions, and I felt like I have lost all my happiness and in addition to that, I could not really tell why. I mean I have everything, right? A bed, a family and friends and I do not have to starve. Furthermore, life is opening so many doors for opportunities in order to grow and get better every single day. But, I started blaming the cold and snowy weather, since, as most of my friends know, I really really hate. So actually, there was no real reason to feel this down.

But yesterday became a turning point. I realised how precious and short our life on earth actually is. Everyone keeps talking about it, but I feel like the fewest only mean it. Only the people that probably experienced some tragic incident in their life, actually really know how to LIVE life. It is an expression that so many of us talk about daily, though only a small percentage knows the real meaning behind it. I could continue talking about this topic forever, but theory and practise are two complete different things, right? People keep telling me to be patient, since I am so young and there is so much life ahead of me. But how do you know this is true? No one knows what their real destiny is and yes we can work hard for the future, but what if the future is actually in this very moment. This very moment is the current life we should be living. And not the future life, because it is unwritten. It is a book full of blank pages, and no one knows what those pages will consist of. But there is one thing that I will be trying to do daily: to not burn the book down to quickly (I give you room for your own interpretation).

What about you? Have you ever experienced a similar depression mood, and you didn’t know for what reason and how to get yourself out of it? And have you had a turning point in your life?

And for now I have one last message:


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