How To Stop Giving A F*

– They say do what you love. But what if no one likes what you are doing? 

Should you still do it? –

Everyone will probably say – YES! It is your life and your choices and bla bla bla. Just the usual that everyone says, right?
It is always easy to tell people to do whatever they love doing without caring about other people’s opinion. The theoretical part sounds pretty easy, but what about the practical one? How do you go for whatever is important for you, without listening to the people around you?

– Step 1 –

Realise that the people that criticise you haven’t really achieved anything in their own miserable life. Sounds harsh? But it is true. People that like bringing others down, have a problem with themselves. Most likely, they are super unhappy with themselves, and need to let this frustration out onto someone else. It is difficult for them to accept the fact that there is someone out there working hard in order to achieve their dreams. Because people that work hard every day, do support others and see them as part of inspiration and motivation. There is no room for hate.

– Step 2 –

Think back why you started something, why you started following your dream and working hard every single day. What was the reason? Was it, because you wanted to loose weight? Was it because you wanted to prove your Ex Boyfriend that you are better off without him? Or maybe you just wanted to grow as an individual? I am pretty sure that it was something very significant for you. If it was really that important to you in the first place, it shouldn’t have lost its importance just because someone criticised you.

– Step 3 –

Surround yourself with interesting individual human beings that bring you further in life and that share a positive energy with you. The more I have personally realised what my real goals are and what I would like to achieve in my life, the more I have cut out specific people and simultaneously started meeting greater people, that inspire me each single day. I always like to mention the Law of Attraction here. If you would like to know more about it, I have done a video about it:
Do you agree with everything I have written here? Let me know.
And for now I have one last message:

“If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.”                   – Dr. Steve Maraboli

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